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Primary School Package

Brand: LEGO Education
Product Code: ASAP002
Age: 5+
Availability: In Stock

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The Primary package provides a motivating and effective learning experience where students are empowered to engage and become part of the learning process, by experimenting with their own ideas and creating real-life solutions. They are exposed to Robotics in the curriculum; this fosters their Creativity and enhances their Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills.

Items Included are:

  • LEGO Story Starters set
  • LEGO Duplo bricks set
  • Straw Structures Package  for classroom of 30 students
  • Making your own ruler activity  for classroom of 30 students
  • LEGO Simple Machines kits and Activity Pack
  • Introduction to  LEGO Robotics kits with the Activity pack
  • Introduction to  LEGO Robotics- Software Site License
  • Metal trolley (Red colour -Double column) with 2 deep tray, 1 extra deep tray and 1 shallow tray each with lids and castors.

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