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The Early Machines Set provides eight mechanical models and eight double-sided, full-colour building instructions. The set includes gears, levers, pul..
AED 579.00 909.3 -33%
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The core brick set in our range of Machines & Mechanisms solutions, this set includes full-colour building instruction booklets for 10 principle m..
AED 695.00 980.7 -26%
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This exciting add-on set allows students to learn about renewable energy sources and can be used with the Simple & Powered Machines Set (9686) and..
AED 450.00 745.5 -37%
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Features 16 principle models, four main models and four problem-solving mdoels that enable students to investigate and understand the operation of sim..
AED 229.00 362.25 -34%
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This standard 10V DC transformer allows you to recharge your 9693 Rechargeable Battery DC or 8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box. ..
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The Primary package provides a motivating and effective learning experience where students are empowered to engage and become part of the learning pro..
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The Atlab STEM Academy Middle and High School package has all the elements to promote the 21st century learner and walk them through a motivating and ..
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The ATLAB STEM Academy curriculum provides integrated hands-on activities aimed at making difficult Science and Maths concepts concrete. Though the..
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