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LEGO Education

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The EV3 Medium Servo Motor is great for lower-load, higher-speed applications and when faster respon..
AED 141.00
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The EV3 Space Challenge Set is composed of three 2' x 3' learning mats, one 4' x 6' challenge mat, a..
AED 800.80 AED 1,001.00 20%
Based on 0 reviews.
The digital EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor generates sound waves and reads their echoes to detect and measure..
AED 221.00
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The new and totally redesigned HiTechnic Color Sensor Version 2 (V2) operates by using a single whit..
AED 225.00
Based on 0 reviews.
Two large 38 cm x 38 cm (15" x 15") LEGO® DUPLO® stud building plates provide the perfect foundation..
AED 185.00
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What’s life like on a farm? With the Large Farm Set, you can explore together! The set invites child..
AED 583.50 AED 778.00 25%
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This package indlues  Lego Soft Brick and Tech Machies. TECH MACHINE FEATURES ~~An ideal ..
AED 3,740.00
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Designed for elementary classrooms, the WeDo 2.0 Core Set, Software, and Get Started Project is a ha..
AED 706.40 AED 883.00 20%
Based on 0 reviews.
This core set is optimized for classroom use and contains all you need to teach using the exciting L..
AED 1,686.75 AED 2,142.00 21%
Based on 1 reviews.
This award-winning set is packed with standard and curved LEGO® Soft elements that make it easy for ..
AED 3,962.00
Based on 0 reviews.