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Designed for elementary classrooms, the WeDo 2.0 Core Set, Software, and Get Started Project is a ha..
787.5 927.15 -15%
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This core set is optimized for classroom use and contains all you need to teach using the exciting L..
1837.5 2249.1 -18%
Based on 1 reviews.
The Pneumatics Add-On Set is part of a complete package. Combining the set with theSimple and Motori..
313.95 464.1 -32%
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Simple & Powered Machines Solutions. All your favorite kits of Machines & Mechanism under one Bun..
1417.5 2190.3 -35%
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The Early Machines Set provides eight mechanical models and eight double-sided, full-colour building..
607.95 909.3 -33%
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The core brick set in our range of Machines & Mechanisms solutions, this set includes full-colou..
729.75 980.7 -26%
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This exciting add-on set allows students to learn about renewable energy sources and can be used wit..
472.5 745.5 -37%
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Features 16 principle models, four main models and four problem-solving mdoels that enable students ..
240.45 362.25 -34%
Based on 1 reviews.