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StoryStarter Space Expansion Set

Brand: LEGO Education
Product Code: 45102
Age: 6+
Availability: In Stock

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Intended for use with the StoryStarter Core Set, the StoryStarter Space Expansion Set encompasses all the benefits of the Core Set while broadening its use. Students are inspired to discover the science fiction genre while also exploring social studies, recounting historical events, or exploring related natural science topics. The set includes 186 unique bricks such as character elements for creating astronauts and aliens; exploratory props such as lasers, antennas, control panels, and detectors; and a variety of setting elements for constructing dynamic outer space scenes. These special elements enable students to engage with space exploration as well as science fiction characteristics, people, and their needs.

  • Note:One Space Expansion Set is to be used together with one StoryStarter Core Set.
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